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  • Our E- Quote pricing system can offer multiple planning options for budgeting purposes very quickly.
  • NSB evaluates all media buys based on your unique strategic campaign objectives.
  • We maximize the effectiveness of your media investment by overlaying our proprietary information and invaluable senior buying team’s experience.
  • We treat every ad dollar as if it where our own budget. We work hard to ensure that we are providing the optimal media solution for every client.
  • Our strategic partnerships offer us access to the most dynamic research and planning resources available in todays’ marketplace.

Stressed out over another last minute newspaper campaign? The good news is we can help!

Research and Planning Resources

We evaluate the media buys based on the clients strategic objective to ensure that we are providing them with the optimal media solution. We utilize a number of tools – SRDS, Scarborough/Media Audit, Mediamark Research (MRI), Claritas, Audit Bureau of Circulation and our own proprietary databases to ensure we are delivering the clients target – demographically and geographically. We overlay our own proprietary information and experience to ensure that we maximize the effectiveness of their media investment.


This service has complete planning information on daily papers, newspaper groups, ethnic newspapers, religious newspapers, college newspapers, comics and newspaper-distributed magazines. This proprietary database contains standardized ad rates, dates, contact information and links to online media kits and Web sites that provide additional facts on readership information and positioning.

Syndicated Research

Media Audit, Scarborough Research, MRI (Mediamark Research) These syndicated services measure the lifestyles, shopping patterns, media behaviors, and demographics of American consumers locally, regionally, and nationally. We use these third party studies to develop successful programs that maximize return on marketing and sales investments. The Media Audit and Scarborough are local studies that measure local media – daily newspapers, radio, television, internet, city publications and other local media. MRI has detailed information on national media usage on a market by market basis.

Using the syndicated studies, we can ensure that we are delivering the optimal media schedule to reach the clients target audience on a market by market basis.


Advertising spending information across all measured media types. This allows us to gain additional insights on trends, competitors and specific industries.

E- Quote Pricing System

Don’t know where to start with the latest newspaper project that has been dropped on your desk? Budgeting and “What if” scenarios are a breeze with our unique pricing database system. Many times clients have a budget and a list of target markets they want to advertise in. They may not have a realistic idea of what newspaper ads cost? You are being asked - how many ads their budget will buy them? They are not sure of what size ads, DOW, frequency, color or what section they want. However they are sure they want answers quickly! You have come to the right place.

Relax our expert buying team is here to help.

We can provide very quickly a variety of options at various sizes with top papers or as deep into a market that you would like to go. You can then talk with your client confidently and provide some realistic guidance. Once they have a ball park idea of how far their budget will go- we can put a cost effective recommendation together that will please the most discerning clients. Give us a call today you will be glad you did!


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