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  • Our people are our value proposition, we are very selective when we hire.
  • Every NSB Employee must have print experience, integrity and passion, to ensure the results that our clients have come to expect.
  • Our success and our motivation lie in revealing the opportunities that enable our clients to win.

Newspaper Space Buyers is dedicated to your success!

Our Executive Team

Paul C. Wilkinson - President

Paul is an accomplished, award winning, dynamic newspaper executive and media space buying expert with more than 25 years experience. For 10 years, as Vice President of Media Relations and then as Senior Vice President of Buying, he led MSS to record sales. Wilkinson understands both the newspaper market and advertisers' needs. He and our current buying team have delivered over $400 million dollars of advertising to our newspaper partners over the past decade.

As a Senior level sales consultant at Gannett, World Color and Treasure Chest he worked with major retail advertisers and direct mail companies in producing high quality four color inserts for newspapers and magazines. Wilkinson has earned a reputation for developing Win/Win relationships throughout his career.

Rick Splittorf - Vice President Sales

Rick has been in print media sales for over 35 years and continues to thrive on delivering unique marketing opportunities to his clients and prospective advertisers.

He has held senior sales and marketing positions with The Richmond Times-Dispatch, Garden State Paper Company, San Diego Union-Tribune, Architectural Digest, Bon Appetit, Metropolitan Sunday Newspapers, Meredith Integrated Marketing, The Association of National Advertisers and Mediaspace Solutions. In 1992 Rick founded RJS Associates, an advertising sales representative firm that specializes in newspaper, custom publishing, business-to-business and Internet sales.

Rick, Paul and Kenn worked closely together at MSS and were responsible for much of that company’s growth and development in the last five years. Rick has extensive knowledge of the newspaper and magazine industry including the complexities and challenges involved in selling print media in today’s fragmented media landscape. His proven track record includes providing exceptional service and accelerating "speed to market" for all of his customers.

Kenn Weakley - VP Media Director

A key member of our buying team and one of the many reasons we have such great relationships with newspapers. Kenn’s relationship with Paul goes back over 20 years to the early days at Gannett. Kenn and Paul have worked together for the last decade as the senior buying team at MSS. They were instrumental in the start up and successful launch of that company.

Kenn is the ultimate newspaper man. His extraordinary track record includes serving in senior management positions at the NY Post, San Francisco Newspaper Agency, San Antonio Express News, The Alameda Newspaper Group (ANG), The Sacramento Union, and The Today Newspaper Group in Phoenix Az. He also owned and operated Sternwheeler Publishing Co. a group of five weekly newspapers in Washington State.

His in-depth knowledge of category rate structures coupled with long term senior level relationships across the industry enables him to deliver outstanding value for advertisers who use our services.

Russel Pergament - Board Member and Principal

Russel has worked in newspapers and related media his entire professional life. He is backing Newspaper Space Buyers (NSB) because of the efficiencies this buying model presents to advertisers and their agencies.

The NSB model offers advertisers/agencies an expert outsource service that simplifies the process and increases the efficiency of buying ad space in national and local newspapers.Starting with ad sales roles at 'underground' weeklies in Boston such as The Phoenix and later The Real Paper, Russel moved on to Circulation management at Rolling Stone and elsewhere. In 1979 he and his partners launched TAB Weeklies in suburban Boston and in 1993 when the group grew to 14 weeklies they were purchased by Fidelity Capital. He was first publisher at startup Boston Metro in 2001. In 2006 his team launched amNewYork, which rocketed to #1 circulation status in Manhattan. Tribune Company acquired his interests in 2006. In 2007 he launched interactive daily BostonNOW which was ahead of its time in integrating reader content into the news delivery.

Russel is a managing partner in century-old in Boston and two year old in Tallahassee, two fully staffed legislative news gathering wire services that provide hard news and analysis to every major daily in their respective states.

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